Monday, March 21, 2011

IndieRock Does Birthdays!

HEY guys it's time for the the totally random nonsensical Playlist.

For those less familiar the Birthday Playlist serves a purpose of letting me reflect on some of my favorite songs from the past year. Some are old some are new.

They are all AWESOME

BE SURE to take a close listen to the song 90's Kids by Oh NO! It's YOKO! it's really a throwback

So Download


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've Loved You For A Dozen Years.

Well its February! So you know what that means........ only that the Quirky Queen Of Covers Curating is back with another Badass Compilation to nourish your ears.

I went overboard. I got so excited that I made 2(!) playlists.

I can hardly stand it. Everything from David bowie covering the Pixies. Prince covering Joni Mitchell. Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip covering Vampire Weekend. Vampire Weekend Covering Fleetwood Mac. Someone covers the Strokes. The Strokes Cover the Ramones. Nada Surf resurfaces with his special touch on Depeche Mode. AND someone even had the GUMPTION to attempt to tackle the noise heavy out-of-body experience that is Idioteque by Radiohead.

MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I streamlined** the whole ordeal so you only have to download the one link to get both disks. It might take a little longer but its worth the wait

**I have conveniently put the original artist in the genre column so if you don't know who some is, or who they are covering or why a song might sound familiar just check your genres!

EDIT*** ALSO the song Knife is sung by CSS not CCS. so Im too lazy to correct it

Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011

So it has been a pretty bleak winter, even for Alabama standards. So while you are snuggled in your bed trying to muster up the courage to go outside here are some nice icy winter tunes good for driving in the cold. Or sitting quietly by the fire.

So I humbly give you....

IndieRock Playlist: January 2011

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Presents in OCTOBER

I've been snooping around my music and I realize there are some of my favorite songs that I've neglected. I feel bad because honestly I usually have a leg up on the hottest artist's and new singles. Thanks to LOTS of extra time and musical OBSESSION that is what you usually get from Delicious Ear Snacks.

I'm sorry loyal followers because I am sooooo behind

But what is in store for your October Playlist is more indie bands I've neglected over the past couple of months. Some pretty awesome music.
This month features
Best coast, Rah Rah, Lissie, an early collaboration of H2O (that punk band we all forgot) and Dropkick Murphys. Also some prime singles from more known artists.

Also for your listening pleasure I added some cover tracks, that's just a personal favorite I cannot resist.

I would go into detail about it more But we all remeber the good old days....... when I almost got shut down.

so now I humbly present

IndieRock Playlist: OCTOBER

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My Epic 3 disk dance party commissioned By DAVID is officially ready for my deliciousearsnacks die-hards ( whats the plural of die hard? because die hards sounds really weird)


if you can work a .zip File yu will have no problem some of it is old to you but new to others. Depends on how long you have known ME personally and how long you have been a purveyor of the blog. so here it is in 3 disks



2. IT

3. UP

also after uploading i realized a small glitch that will drive me crazy.

EDIT: Problem is fixed!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Ode to Alabama

I love spinning in the kitchen
The smell of petals fall
I love tight pants on gay men
whether they be large or small

My rockabilly Sundresses
Cocktail dresses and so on
my well coiffed hair so intricately pinned
it will not come out before the dawn

Its an Alabama summer
sweet tea and lemonade
humidity you cant escape
not even in the shade.

The Pearls, the booze, the debutante balls
the look of the sun just before it falls
I may one day have to leave you
but ill come running when you call

Friday, March 26, 2010

yay Friends!!!!

My good friend Matt's band Third Lobby made this adorable video. One of my fav songs off their EP
Be sure to check them out at their website HERE

I Am A Stone from Third Lobby on Vimeo.

Buy their CD. I love it. So why wouldnt you???!!!